Why Take Supplements

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In an ideal world we wouldn’t need to have this conversation. In an ideal world, money would grow on trees and optimum nutrition would be readily available through the food we eat – even chocolate cake! Yes… in an ideal world. But unfortunately for your overdraft, money does not grow on trees and perfect nutrition doesn’t come easy. You, my friend, do not live in an ideal world.

So, why take supplements?

The way I see it, most people can be split into one of three camps:
1. Those who get angry at the sight of ‘rabbit food’; 
2. Those who try their best but often get side-tracked by cakes and treats;
3. Those who consider themselves healthy eaters.

So its pretty obvious that those who fall into camps 1 and 2 may need some extra nutrition. But what about camp 3? Whichever camp you think you belong to, nobody’s perfect, we all need a little help along the way. Why Take Supplements? Why choose Vegan Power Nutrition? Here’s just a few reasons why supplementing could help you:



So I don’t know about you but after a hard day of slogging away at the office, sometimes I just don’t feel like slaving over the kitchen stove to make myself a healthy dinner. So one or two nights a week I might ‘accidentally’ pick myself up a ready-made meal from my local supermarket. Eating these kinds of meals leaves our bodies feeling sluggish and lacking nutrients. Taking a daily supplement will help avoid this.




Convenient eating is an issue accompanying modern life. With that comes eating-on-the-go, improper chewing and stress, which all leads to bad digestion and malabsorption. Without getting the essential nutrients you need in your diet, you are leaving your body open to infection and illness.




So say, you don’t get lazy, you always cook from scratch and find the best organic ingredients around. Give yourself a pat on the back, you’re doing really well. And your food has minimum preservatives? Fantastic! You are well on your way. But what about food origin? Say you got your food from the greengrocers around the corner from you, but it says its from Spain, just think how many miles that food has travelled to get to you and how much in advance that apple had to get picked to end up in your hand perfectly ripe? So, that’s an issue. This whole system leaves food lacking nutrients and lacking taste.




So here’s my final reason for you. Don’t you think you might need an extra boost during certain times of your life? Say, that time at work when you’re so busy and stressed you aren’t getting a lot of sleep, or your partner has just had a baby, or you’re training for a sporting event, or you’re going back to work after recovering from an illness, or when you feel the flu coming on? At these times, boosting your body with essential nutrients in the form of a supplement might just be exactly what you need.

Please remember, I am not at all advocating swapping healthy eating for a life of fast food and multi-vitamins. I never have and I never will! You cannot substitute a healthy diet and lifestyle with anything – but supplementation can help you find that extra boost when you need it most, or help you on your way to optimum nutrition.