What’s so good about alkalising?

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I bet you’ve seen them. All those adverts promising you a ‘7 day’ weight loss miracle, or ‘5 steps’ to increase energy. Or something along the lines of ‘top 10 recovery tricks for exercise’, etc., etc. It’s the same old adverts with the same old ‘advice’ – follow their amazing miracle plan and they’ll show you some very quick shortcuts to make whatever you want to do easier, and more importantly, a lot quicker.

The problem – they’re all (mostly) full of sh**. Not because the advice is completely wrong, it’s just not enough. You can follow their advice but if you don’t get the basics right it’ll be like trying to cut down a tree with something like a spoon. You’ll do it eventually, but wouldn’t it be better to get the basics right first and get an axe?

If you want to lose weight, detox, recover quicker, have more energy, have a better mood, get the maximum effect from nutrients, etc., etc., and do it quickly and effectively, you need to alkalise.

Here are some important reasons why it’s really important to alkalise your body.

Vitamins & minerals

Did you know that when your body is too acidic & toxic it consumes the mineral reserves in your skin, hair, teeth, joints and bones? You could be taking all these miracle products & exercising and wouldn’t be making the gains that you should be making – all because you haven’t alkalised. This is what I mean about using a spoon to try and cut down a tree!

Reduce inflammation & decrease recovery time

The minerals that should be used for your body to help it repair itself is being consumed by a body that’s too acidic and toxic. This means to get the same effects you need to consume more – leading to a larger chance that your body will have more toxic waste to process and dispose of. This means a bigger stress on your kidney, liver, intestine and also your heart. This can lead to a vicious circle of toxic and over acidic misery even when you’re trying your hardest.

Skin & hair

Your skin and hair is meant to glow & bounce right? You’re using all the right products on your skin and hair but it’s not working. Or you’re seeing some effect but not as much as you should. Maybe your skin’s fine but then you’ll break out with spots or a rash – which leads to using more product which is not healthy for your skin.

This is where alkalising your body could be exactly what you’re missing. If your body is too toxic and your neutralising organs (the kidneys, intestines and lungs) go into over-drive then one of the things to suffer is your skin and hair. There’s only so much neutralising of toxins your kidneys, intestines and lungs can do. When they reach their limit your body starts to transfer some of the work to other parts of your body. Everyone knows that eating & drinking bad products excessively (sometimes you don’t even need to eat & drink that many bad things) will lead to blotchy & spotty skin and dead looking hair. There are a few other ‘nasties’ though that an overly acidic and toxic body can result in, which leads me to the next point…

Body odour, sweating, acne & eczema

Have you ever stood next to a person and they stink. They look clean, they haven’t worked out and their clothes look fresh… so why do they stink? It might have something to do with having an overly acidic and toxic body. It’s the same with the skin and hair – when your neutralising organs get overloaded your body transfers some of the work. The other bad part is that they’ll be so used to their smell that they won’t notice anything is wrong. You don’t want to be THAT person right?

Excessive sweating? Same reason. Your body’s trying to cope and sweating is a great way to get rid of toxins – it’s just not that pretty.

Acne & eczema? Yes, you got it. It could be down to a body that’s too acidic and toxic.


Remember what we said about a body that’s too acidic and toxic and the effects it can have on your neutralising organs? A high acidic and toxic body can also lead to the long term accumulation of impurities which can lead to cell deterioration, mineral depletion and elimination problems. Remember, there’s some elements that your body can’t get rid of, or at least, get rid of easily.

Healthy heart

An alkalised body means less strain on your organs – including your heart. This means you can worry less about heart disease.

Healthy body, healthy mind

When you have an alkalised body it helps to clear your mind. Because your body won’t be fighting against as many impurities and toxins it will help to improve your mood. It will also mean you’ll find it easier to focus. What’s better than being happy?

Increased energy

Do you feel lethargic, find it hard to get up in the morning, find it hard to stay awake through the day, find it easy to lose concentration? By alkalising your body you reduce the energy needed that is taken up by stressed out organs. All that energy is diverted back to you – exactly where it should be going in the first place. Your body, as well as your mind, will feel more energised than ever before.

These are some of the reason why having an overly acidic and toxic body can be harmful to you and why alkalising your system can give you long term benefits. Below you can find some simple steps to reduce the acidity and toxicity of your body:

• Quit smoking
• Reduce animal product intake – this includes milk and eggs (Obviously cutting animal products out of your diet is the best thing to do health wise. If your not at that point though then taking things step by step. Reducing things at a steady pace will see bigger gains in the long run than trying to go cold turkey all at once).
• Exercise more
• Increase fruit and vegetables
• Reduce the amount of sweets you eat
• Stop drinking fizzy drinks
• Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet
• Quit coffee
• Look out for nasty additives in your food
• Get a good amount of sleep.
• Drink more water!!!

You can break these steps down into an even simpler list – Drink more water, eat healthier & exercise. Drinking more water is probably the easiest and also the best thing you could do right now! Try and get the recommended amount of water per day. This varies from person to person but the average suggested amount is 8 glasses per day.

Now, we know that all the problems mentioned above won’t be all to do with having an overly acidic and toxic body. Some people will suffer from these problems and will need medical attention, but for everyone else, alkalising your body can be the best thing you’ll ever do – especially if you want to see bigger gains if you’re already doing other activities (trying to get better skin, exercising more, etc.).


…before you go off and try and make your body 100% alkaline you need to remember you need to have a bit of acidity in your body. Your body can’t survive without any acidity. The perfect amount is 80% alkaline & 20% acidic. Being too alkaline can be damaging to your body, the same as being too acidic.

The perfect balance means an extremely healthy body. You’ll get all the benefits & reduce all the negative issues that arise from an overly acidic and toxic body.